Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haiti and the Little Peanut

www.arcrelief-haiti.blogspot.com - I read this daily. My good friend's cousin is the one over there and posting this. We are so blessed and overabundant in this country!

Lucy and I took Max to his 9-month check-up yesterday. She's a big helper and loves taking care of her little brother. Max is now 29 1/4" long and 17 lbs. 15 oz. Comparing him to Lucy's 9 month stats, he's about a pound less than she was. However, his head circumference is in the 90th percentile! No vaccines this time but we did have to go to the lab for a lead test. Lucy watched on as they pricked his finger and it took forever to "milk" it for blood. Max was absolutely fine with it, but big sister had tears in her eyes for him and said we needed to go now.

I had an "egg incident" on Sunday. Note to self: meringue = raw egg whites. HELLO!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Greetings! It is nearing the end of January and the girl who used to post many times a week can barely post any time a month. So, a recap of the holidays!

Lots of gifts, food, family time and crazy weather keeping people from travelling.

Max is now 9, almost 10 months old. His 9-month check up will be this coming Monday where we can see how much he's grown. He seems like such a peanut compared to Lucy at this age! He has nearly 6 teeth. He eats pretty much anything. No crawling yet, lots of butt-scooting and he goes from butt to knee and one leg out like a kick-stand.

Lucy is a couple months shy of three. We continue to work at the potty training but now we said no more diapers. We're in pull-ups every day all day (which really are a diaper that she has more control of). She goes often and independently, which can be cute when she emerges from the bathroom and her buns are still exposed after trying to pull up the pull-up. I am hopeful that by the 3rd birthday this is all a distant memory... She is a good kid whose latest favorite saying is "lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground".

Troy had a "procedure" recently that he is (hopefully) finally recovered from so he can get into water hockey again.

And I am allergic to egg whites. A food I have eaten all my life started wreaking havoc on me a couple months ago. I had the doctor run various food allergy panels and lo and behold, egg whites. And I hate it. Do you know how many things have eggs in them? Sheesh.

Here are photos from the past couple months:

Max in his bomber hat at Christmas:

In the pile of wrapping paper at Papa and Nana's:

Who dat?

Lucy and I and friends Kellie and Matt Jones went to the Macy's display. Here she is with the world's most expensive cookie she never ate:

Christmas Morning:

I love Max's expression here. We got a gently used pony for the kids and when we put Max on it, he holds tight to his sister and squeals with delight!

Lucy and Cousin Jamie on New Year's Eve:

Max's 9 month baby photo:

Our non-photogenic child now always wants you to "take a picture of me!"

Everyone in their Vikings gear: