Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Part Two

The day is done, 93 trick-or-treaters in all and we still have a ton of candy left!

On Wednesday Lucy and Daddy carved thier first pumpkin together. She really got into it, scooping out the guts and even taste-testing!

The rest of the week was a constant attempt at getting into the bucket of candy. Namely, suckers. It's the first word she says when she wakes up and the last word she says before bedtime.

Her cousin Jamie came out to go trick-or-treating. I had made the girls sheep costumes a la Martha Stewart (now you know Martha's sheep really looked like real sheep, mine are only imitation!). Troy and Sam took the girls out and apparently at each house Lucy asked for "sucker?"

In the wagon and ready to go:Stopping at Nana and Papa's house:
Back at home, they compare their stashes:
Told ya!

Happy Halloween!

Hands were always in front of the face. If you look closely you can see an eye, some nose and the mouth and a finger pointing "hey you!"

And the gender is...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Rehearsal - part two

Uff da! Rehearsal went off without a hitch. The day was intended as it was to be - a thanksgiving dinner rehearsal, assumingly our first and last, but everyone agreed they think it needs to be an annual tradition, so...we shall see. (I personally think it could be a rotated duty...)

The thing I was most intimidated about, the turkey, was probably the easiest thing to make. I have horrific visions as a child of my father pulling the dang neck out of the turkey's rear-end and had no desires to be elbow-deep in the innards. Thankfully they now package up all that nastiness into a package that you can easily pull out. For me it was definitely a 2-person job though, one to hold the beast down while the other stuffed it, and Troy was the carver. So we are ready for the real deal!

Lucy LOVED having company. She is in a phase where she wants constant one on one attention, so if you're trying to do chores or taking so much as more than 10 seconds to open up a juice box, it's down to the floor in a fit. ugh! But when there's someone other than mom and dad around, she goes into social mode. There were other kids to play with and she just loved other little people and they certainly wore her out - even though company was still gathered, we got her in her pj's around 8 and she went in her room and grabbed her woobie and nukie out of her crib and came out to the living room. I asked "do you want to go to bed?", she turned and went into her room and went to bed! Slept through our loud laughter and conversation, she was wiped! Or was it that stuff in the turkey? hmmm...
The tables are set...

Our first turkey is done...

Our actual first turkey...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Rehearsal - part 1

We are in the midst of Thanksgiving Rehearsal dinner here. Guests (18 of us!) are coming at 4:30 for our first attempt at a big turkey dinner.

On the menu - roasted turkey with stuffing, deep-fried turkey, chorizo and pecan stuffing, sweet potatoes, martha stewart mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, jello salad, crescent rolls, 7 layer salad, corn, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie and bars. Am I missing anything?

Photos to be posted later...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Women of Faith

We're back from another fabulous year at the Women of Faith "Infinite Grace" conference. The music was the best this year with new discoveries for me - Mandisa (from American Idol) and Nicole C. Mullen. Wow! about sums it up. I bought a couple of Nicole's CD and looking for Mandisa's version of "Shackles" (the latest song on my playlist). I brought two newbies along from my church girlfriends and they had a blast as well.

When I left bright and early this morning Troy said "have a nice time" and then "Go Jesus!" which was funny. When we weren't rocking out to the music I think I spent the rest of my time choked up listening to these speakers and their testaments of faith. Very inspiring!

Friday, October 10, 2008

18 months

Just a quick update. Lucy and I just got back from both our doctor's appointments. We both got the flu shot and she watched mine get done all wide eyed and then it was her turn and nothing! The nurse put a pink bandaid on and all she could say was "pink!" Chris, RN, is a good shot-giver! Lucy is still tall and skinny:

23.8 lbs and 33" tall

I'll go in on Halloween for my ultrasound. Definitely won't forget that date!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Just a quick upload of some pictures from this week. We walked up to the corner pumpkin patch and bought a wagon-full. And today I put Lucy in TWO piggies, very cute!