Friday, May 28, 2010


Max has been running a fever for the past 2 days and screaming at night and not sleeping very well. A trip to the doctor yesterday says he's teething. I suppose that's right, he hasn't had any padoodles or vomiting that would speak of a virus and his lower gums look swollen. Just with the tooth would make it's appearance already. He's a poor whiney little fella that is difficult to console right now.
Last weekend I enjoyed my Mother's Day present, a whole weekend alone in my own house, and I enjoyed every minute of it! I am not ashamed to say that a break from the children and husband is a good thing!

Our house is chaotic right now with our master bedroom spread out throughout the house (repainted the closet and awaiting the closet system we ordered to arrive). After the closet is back together I have to decide on a wall color and just do it. The bedding is here and the wall color we chose, which we painted in the closet as a test, might be just a bit too much to have on all 4 of my bedroom walls, so need to tone it down a bit. The master bedroom has only been waiting a facelift for 4 years, what's a few more weeks?

Loving the sunny weather and trying to take it outdoors as much as possible. Not only is that Vitamin D good for you, but it apparently makes my kids sleep like a rock! (Unless of course you're teething.)
Looking forward to this long Memorial Day weekend followed by a week up at the cabin in June. Can't wait to be awoken by the loons and nature and not a screaming child :)
The picture above of Lucy and her big bun. Somehow a sandwich made on a bun is more likely to be consumed than an ordinary one on bread. And her face is painted, which is often a daily occurrence at our house now since the church spring festival. Oh well, it's free fun and gives me practice!
Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!