Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Stuff

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At the Car Wash

Some photos of the kids helping dad wash the car last Sunday. Looks like Lucy was more interested in washing her brother though.
And a couple pictures of Max eating Dilly Bars. You'd think it was summer around here all these treats.
Life has been busy all summer. We are now fully moved back into the basement after the great flood of August 11, 2010. 2 times in one year, if it happens again the For Sale sign is going up "as is". ugh.
Abby has been gone almost 2 weeks now. Sometimes I think it's getting easier every day and then we'll find things like a new box of dog biscuits Troy had bought that day, or Max playing in a basket of dog toys. Ironically when things happen to you, you tend to notice it in the news and happening elsewhere. The night she died there was a news clip of Mark Dayton (running for MN govenor) telling someone to turn the a/c on in his vehicle for his dogs while he did a press conference. The following weekend's "Sainted and Tainted" section had a couple articles chastizing people leaving their dogs in a vehicle during these hot days. I keep thinking, I know how it feels to have the shoe on the other foot. If you are so concerned about an animal being left in a hot car, don't write a letter to your paper, go in to the store and find the owner. Maybe that person was like me and was so absorbed in everything else going on at once, she didn't even know the dog was in the car. It's easy to judge when you haven't been in that situation, but I can tell you honestly that if I ever see an animal in a car on a hot day, I'm going in the store to find that owner!
To end on a happy note, my favorite time of year is arriving. It commences with the Great MN Get-together!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

July 7, 2003 - August 12, 2010

Today we lost our dear dog, Abby. It happened tragically and I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it. I missed her at dinner tonight, not by our feet to pick up Max's scraps. Or when I shut the garage door tonight, when she usually runs in tripping the garage safety light. Or in Lucy's room tonight, where she normally lays while I read bedtime stories. I'll miss her crazy snoring at night. I just can't believe she's gone. I'll miss taking her on walks and her running to the street to greet every dog that walks by. I'll miss tossing her popcorn during movies. I'll miss her trying to shove herself under the bed during fireworks.
We haven't told the kids yet figuring we'll see when Lucy brings it up. Tonight at bedtime she told Troy to say a special prayer for Abby. Kids know more than we think they do.
As our hearts grieve for our family member, we are thankful for all the good years we did have. She was great with our kids and loved us all unconditionally. R.I.P.