Monday, April 21, 2008

Today's Appointment

Lucy had her 1-year appointment and immunizations today. All weekend she has had a horrible runny nose keeping her up all night, which I attributed to another tooth coming in. Yesterday her left eye had boogers too. So she has pink eye and has to take drops for a week (should be fun trying to administer those!) Our appointment was at 9:40 this morning and we did not get into the office until 10:40. Now, believing that we would be somewhat on time, all I had packed was a sippy cup with water and a few goldfish crackers. We were cutting into nap time too. But I love my doctor and really, what could she do? So we got our measurements and checked out and then it took them forever to get the drugs ready or something so I had to sing the "zipper" song to Lucy and she almost conked out but then the nurse came in to give her the shots, ugh. So it was 11:30 by the time we finally got out of there! She was super good with the shots though, normally it's ensued by loud screachy crying for a long time, but she had a small cry and was done. I think she was just too pooped to give it her all.

Height: 30 1/4" (85th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs. 10.5 oz. (25th percentile)

The weight is funny. When we were in in February she was 19 lbs. 2 oz. So we figured her close to 21lbs by now. Troy guessed her at 23 lbs. Ha! Skinny little stinker.

Still not walking yet. She took 3 steps on the sidewalk last week on her own but none since. She's so there though. Today she was hanging on to the drawstring on my sweatshirt and using that to hold on to while walking (obviously not much support!). Yesterday I took her down to the park to swing and wish I had taken my camera because she loved it so much!

On the work front, the merger of my company (Thomson) and Reuters was complete last week. Still no word on who our management will be for a few more weeks.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lucy's 1-year Photos

are online at Suzie is now doing a bound book for your proofs which is kind of cool. They "accidentally" did duplicates of all her shots, some of which are in a different format (b&w, sepia, intense color, etc). So hard to choose! Not sure if we'll order any family shots. We took those pictures last Thursday which was a sleeting/windy/blizzard and it did wonders for the hair.

It's finally spring here. Yesterday I had Lucy out on the sidewalk in her barefeet and was talking to a neighbor as she took a few steps on her own. I think she had better traction than she does in our house. Another thing she's learned how to do is Houdini her way out of the high chair! Yep, give me a heart attack kid. She was eating breakfast in the kitchen and I was down the hall doing the laundry only to come back to find her standing in her high chair and giggling! (Yes, she does have a strap around her waist and one between her legs!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Fun

Although Lucy's 1st birthday isn't until the 11th we had her big party this past Saturday with 40+ guests! On Friday night some of the Trautman families arrived for the weekend, so I had lots of help with food prep and cleaning from the ladies and errands and "heavy stuff" from the men, and the kids kept Lucy occupied. The party was from 2-5 on Saturday and it was the perfect day to have windows open and kids playing outside in the 60-degree weather (and today it is snowing again!). Lucy was such a trooper, in much need of an afternoon nap she dozed for about a half hour towards the end of the party.

Here she is getting a hug from Great-Grandma Duffy:

And in her new wagon with Cousin Kate, and Cousin Olivia in the Radio Flyer box:

With her new baby and baby crib from the Jones' family (do you think she is addicted to the Nuk?):

And now it's time for cake and nose pickin':

An upside-down Matt Jones:

Lucy with her stash:

Telling Papa all about my day:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What is this new phase? Lucy was so predictable before - morning nap, afternoon nap and to bed at 7 no questions asked. Now we've reached the whiney needy phase and an hour and a half of complaining when put to bed at night. Huh? It's like colic phase 2 over here. Could it be her teeth? Maybe. Is it because she's switched to whole milk? I dunno. Is it because she's a female? Most likely. Here are some photos of her napping recently, totally out of it, we snuck in to take her pictures just laughing to ourselves.

Today we had playgroup and the snack today was not made for children. The theme has been spring and rain and today the kids made...mud. Chocolate pudding with crushed up oreos and a gummy worm in it. Tell me what part of that sounds like a nice clean snack for an 11 month old? I secretly wanted the Oreo for myself. Her hand immediately went into the pudding cup, which then went on her face and on her chair. Don't get me wrong, it was funny and cute, but next time I'm bringing a garbage bag bib for her.
Lots of things going on in our household and for friends and family. Last weekend I had a day of scrapbooking up at GLC and got most of Lucy's baby book completed, yay! But then Troy had called me to say Lucy wasn't "right". Figuring her teeth might be bothering her he gave her some Motrin. When I got home though she was just whimpering in her crip with a fever of 102. By the next day it was up to 102.7. She just cuddled with us all day, not feeling good, just laying there. It was kind of sweet as she never just sits, but we didn't want her feeling bad either. Sunday night I looked and saw yet another new tooth sprouting up below. That makes 3 1/2 up top and 2 1/2 on the bottom.
And while we were feeling bad for Lucy Saturday night, we got some bad news on other fronts. Good friends of ours' son was involved in a horrible car crash over the weekend, so our thoughts and prayers are with their family in this time of unknown. As well another friend suffered a miscarriage over the weekend, so lots of unhappy news everywhere.
Troy has been sick with various things from this eye disease to some sore throat/coughing combo this week. I think it's old age. He's going to be 31 on Friday. Then we had that lovely dumping of snow. I'm ready for Spring! Have I mentioned that enough already?
Things to look forward to - this weekend the Trautmas will be here as well as we're celebrating Lucy's 1st birthday on Saturday. I should have lots of pictures to post next week!