Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Parties begin!

Today was my work's children's "holiday" party. After bible study and cookie exchange this morning, we packed up the kids for mommy's work. Lucy was beside herself with happiness for going to the party, getting presents and treats and seeing Santa!

After dropping off our coats at my desk and playing the marble game we headed upstairs for our gifts (some sort of number foamy puzzle thing. Since both kids were in the 0-2 years range, we gifted one of them to cousin Jamie).

Here are mom and Lucy enjoying ice cream and cookies:

Loaded up on sweets, we were all smiles and ready for face painting!

Now things get serious...Rudolph on Lucy's face:

You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel....

After the 20 minute or so wait, the excitement had waned for Lucy, but not for Max!


These pictures are from yesterday. Max is wearing a sweater knitted by Auntie Annette:

Abby gets in on the photo op:
Tonight we are heading over to Nana and Papa's to crash the choir Christmas Party!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just a quick note that our family photos are now out on for family interested in viewing them!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


It's been a long time since the last post, mainly because of the basement "destruction" and everything has been sitting in the garage for the past 6 weeks. (For those who don't know, our sump pump failed after a heavy storm one morning and we had about 6" of water through our entire basement.) We had lots of help getting things moved out, the new carpeting got put in this week and our wonderful brother/uncle Eric came yesterday to put the home back together again.
Trying to take pictures of wet white carpeting doesn't really show much. The photo below is of our "old" leather couch and how high up the water went (you can see the stain).
So what else has been going on? Max got his 2 bottom teeth for his 5-month birthday. He has become an eating pro over the past week. If only all that eating meant more sleep for mom and dad :)
Lucy continues to expand her vocabulary (they are learning the Pledge of Allegiance at daycare this year), show off her independence, and sometimes even challenges mom (and dad) to a battle of wills! No...really?
I had a weekend up north with girlfriends last weekend where I spent a lot of time making candles (they are selling very well!). Cousin Josh and Christy came to hang out with the weens, Stella and Izzy (Lucy loves the weiner dogs!):
Lucy loves her little brother. Last night after going on the potty (yes, we're still "training". Maybe she's training us?) she had to run and tell Max "Max! I went potty!"

Coming up - Max will be 6 months this week, it's our 4-year anniversary, (great) grandma Fearing is coming to live with us for the winter, Lucy will turn 2 1/2, the annual Women of Faith conference (for Lisa) and a whole season of hunting is upon us!

Monday, August 17, 2009

4 Months and a Wedding

Max's 4-month appointment was last week. Weighing in at 13 lbs. 9 oz. and 26" long, he outweighs his sister by a mere one ounce when she was that age!

This past Saturday, we headed down to Mankato for the wedding of cousin Heather and Andrew. Everything went beautifully. The kids stayed home overnight in the care of Annette and Troy, our friends from church. Lucy had her first farm visit and it sounds like there should be more of those in the future with her new-found love of cows!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I don't blog much these days, and I bet we take half the pictures we did when there was just one baby. But we do try to make every effort to capture the special moments.

Last week The Living Stones played an outdoor concert on the church lawns, narrowly missing a downpour. There were lots of pies and ice cream and socializing while we listened and sang along to their famous hits!

Some of the townies:

Max in Auntie Annette's lap:

Lucy and her friend and dance partner, Hope:

This was the SECOND ice cream cone of the night. Thanks Papa!

All smiles after ice cream and baths:

Max trying out the Bumbo for the first time:

This morning I tried to work and occupy Lucy with crayola markers:

Red hair?? Could be the pink chair he's sitting in:

Monday, July 13, 2009

A trip to the zoo

Today we took a trip to the Como Zoo. It was a beautiful day for it, and we packed a lot into the 3 hours we were there! After checking out the animals, we had a picnic lunch, and ended the day with a trip on the Carousel, Lucy's first ride! We got home and everyone's still napping!

They had younger zoo "people" all along the paths with various creatures to teach us about. Lucy loved the big toad!

Bummer :( Sparky the Seal doesn't do Mondays, so we had to watch the seals lazily swimming in circles. I remember being little and buying cups of stinky fish to feed these seals!


Her first carnival ride. Notice the stink eye. She was ready for a nap 15 minutes before this...

Other photos from our weekend. Papa and Lucy in boxes. Not sure why. Papa took Lucy up to the air field Friday night so she could watch the planes take off and the sky divers. She just loved it!

The usual morning routine of hanging out in our bed while we get ready. On Saturday, Troy and Uncle Eric took the kids to Grandview Community Park in Hudson while mom got some quality time to herself. Unfortunately, after coming home and taking a nap, Lucy woke up with a fever and just not herself. We diligently gave her Tylenol through the night and she woke up chipper as ever!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Frogs and Pedicures

Nana and Lucy caught her first little frog over in the neighbor's pond last week. "It tickles!" Lucy said.

Showing some sisterly love this weekend:
Like father like son:

Mommy and Lucy doing mani/pedis on the porch:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the Cabin

Something's hokey with blogger today, so these pictures are out of order...

On Sunday, Lucy helped daddy wash all the mud off the truck. She really got into it!

Lucy and Jamie with Grandpa at the cabin:

Last week we spent the week up at the cabin with family. Lots of fishing, card playing, good eating, trip to Nisswa, garage saling, a book was read, some cross-stitching accomplished, celebrated a few birthdays and an anniversary. Lots of fun!

Max and Lucy chillin' with daddy:

Max hanging out with Uncle Duffy:

What IS this? My daughter is addicted to the ribbon on her "woobie" and likes to stick it in the corner of her eye. HUH? Yes. It's her comfort item and when she has it, she sticks it in her eye. hmmm....

Lucy and Cousin Jamie loved playing on the slide:

THESE were everywhere:

She loves ladder golf!

Abby waiting to go fishing:
I'm too cool:
Nightly bathtime routine: