Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Part Two

The day is done, 93 trick-or-treaters in all and we still have a ton of candy left!

On Wednesday Lucy and Daddy carved thier first pumpkin together. She really got into it, scooping out the guts and even taste-testing!

The rest of the week was a constant attempt at getting into the bucket of candy. Namely, suckers. It's the first word she says when she wakes up and the last word she says before bedtime.

Her cousin Jamie came out to go trick-or-treating. I had made the girls sheep costumes a la Martha Stewart (now you know Martha's sheep really looked like real sheep, mine are only imitation!). Troy and Sam took the girls out and apparently at each house Lucy asked for "sucker?"

In the wagon and ready to go:Stopping at Nana and Papa's house:
Back at home, they compare their stashes:
Told ya!

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