Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we went to a local hotel to use their swimming pool with friends. Lucy has never really been swimming before and I think we're ready for lessons! She wasn't shy at all, loved being tossed in the air, and especially loved going from pool to hot tub, back and forth.
Lucy and Abigail Rumpel enjoying the hot tub:
Thanksgiving. I guess we didn't take any pictures of the meal preparations, but I did receive some hard copies from my aunt proving we did cook a lot! Lucy was very social that day and I love this picture of her, always with a smile:
Lucy and Great-Grandma Duffy:
Black Friday. Mom and I went shopping while daddy and Lucy hammed it up at home. Here she is with her singing snowmen from Auntie Shannon:
OK. This is something she does and I don't know what it means but it's comical. She puts both her pointer fingers really close up to her face and acts silly. Any time you wrap her in her bath towel she does it:
Happy to go to church:
Time is flying and Christmas will be here before we know it! I have been busy getting some scrapbooking projects and gift-wrapping accomplished. Still lots more to do in less than three weeks! I am loving that there is snow on the ground and the lights are on the tree. I think it gets darker in the winter earlier so we have more time to enjoy the Christmas lights!
The rest of the month will be busy and filled with travels. Tomorrow my high school girlfriends are getting together for our annual Christmas dinner at Emma's house in St. Paul. Each year is usually some theme, this year is italian food. We eat and drink and gab all night. I often get comments from my family on how great it is that I've had these girlfriends for (egads) 20 years!
Saturday we are being treated by Troy's parents for a belated anniversary dinner (lunch) while my mom babysits Lucy.
The following weekend is our trip to Chicago. The weekend after that we celebrate Christmas with the Lovestrands and then Christmas with the Hills at our home. Then the big day is here and we will travel to Lake Benton, MN to celebrate with Troy's extended family. uff da!
And oh, I'm still pregnant with baby boy here. Tomorrow I go in for my 24-week appointment and glucose test (yummy!). There is small movement going on and I am reminded of when I was far along with Lucy and her butt was right up under my chest. I was huge! Time is flying and I need to remind myself to get moving on my Transcriptionist work and not slack. Since it is self-paced it is up to me to get the work done and the homework submitted for grading!
Take care everyone!

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Melody said...

Love the pics. Love the updates. LOVE the bath towel. lol!! Hope the glucose test went well. When I had mine I got to do the fasting test instead of having to drink the "stuff." My number was like 82 after the fast. Then I went and ate a blueberry-white chocolate scone and drank a cherry mocha. Went back to have my blood drawn and I thought for sure, after all that sugar, I'd be in serious trouble. My number AFTER eating all that sugar went down to 71!!! How crazy is that??! Anyway...hope you're feeling well. See you in church tomorrow.