Sunday, January 4, 2009


Daddy and Lucy ready for the big game today:

Happy 2009! It's been an uneventful year so far, four days into it. Tomorrow we'll start getting back into the routine and a new work schedule for me. Although unfortunately I do work every day (going down to 30 hours a week when Lucy was born, the workload was not decreased), my new "official" work days will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Lucy will still go to Nana's daycare on Tuesdays, my long work days where I drive into the office, but she will be starting a new daycare, Little Pinecones, this Wednesday. Very exciting!

I do enjoy January, minus the snow and cold. It means starting fresh and getting organized. Usually there's a new year's resolution of losing weight, but that will have to wait a couple more months for me. We've got about 2 1/2 more months to go and lots to get done in that time, including moving Lucy into her "big girl" bedroom!
We managed to salvage some photos we lost in the great "what happened to the memory card" debacle of December, some are featured below. Lots of fun for Lucy this Christmas!
Sharing a moment with Uncle Eric:

Best buds for life:
Getting lost in all the wrapping paper:
Nothing says Christmas more than opening your very own gravy fat separator!:
The Christmas tree at church:

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Melody said...

Great pics! Great comments!! Sorry about the result of the game on Sunday. OK...I know you know I'm kidding about that. lol But at least you guys played one more game than the Packers played this year. That being said, our quarterback is MUCH cuter than yours. hehehe Have you checked out my profile picture on Facebook recently?? I think I'm in love. hehehe