Friday, March 13, 2009

Where's the baby?

Still in my uterus!

To answer the questions I get multiple times a day:

When are you due? March 25th or 26th (26th according to calendars, 25th according to ultrasound)

How are you feeling? "fat", "grumpy", "fine! Thanks for asking!"

Do you know what you're having? A baby

Are you craving anything? Yes, baby out of my pelvis.

What does your doctor say? "we won't let you go over your due date" (because the kid is already so huge you won't be able to get it out)

Are you sleeping ok? yes, if you count the two hours of sleep I get between 3 and 5 am.

I did have one dream about the baby a couple weeks ago - the hospital was so busy I had to stay in a room down in med/surg and the baby had to stay in the nursery (because of the ankle bracelet alarm), Troy had to stay home with Lucy while I delivered because we couldn't find a sitter, and I delivered a girl and had to call him to find out a name (since we have no girl names picked out!).

I'm still awaiting the dream where I lose all my baby weight in a month and it sleeps through the night from the get-go.

I think once I go into labor it will just be a huge sigh of relief knowing I won't have to go into work. That is such a huge stressor in my life, really taking away from the joy of having a baby unfortunately.

Lucy and I have been enjoying lots of "sweet" time lately. Besides our every-other-night bubble bath time, in the previous post, she has these moments of loving her mommy. Last night we went to dinner with my mom and sister and Lucy sat next to me and kept leaning her head on me and being all "lovey". It's hard for me to imagine my heart getting any bigger for another child. Stay tuned...

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