Monday, April 6, 2009

Max Kenneth Lovestrand

Yes, we had a baby!
Sorry it has taken so long to post. I sometimes forget about the blog now that Facebook has arrived in my life :) There will probably be a couple posts to recant all that has happened in the past week.
Baby Boy Max Kenneth Lovestrand was born on Monday, March 30th at 2:37 pm weighing in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. 20 1/2" long and apparently a rather large head.

Barely a minute old:

The "true knot" in his umbilical cord. Our doctor said she had only seen 4 in the 800+ deliveries she has done and moments after delivering him and seeing this said "it just shows you how precious life is":

See, not REALLY that big, they round up on the weight:

Lucy calling up everyone to tell them the good news:

Proud daddy:

Our first baby. I labored and delivered and recovered in the same rooms Lucy was born in. Same doctor, same anesthetist too:

Grandma Val, aka "the Colic Whisperer":

Resting up before going home:

We came home on Wednesday, April Fool's Day and Lucy couldn't be more excited:

Being April Fool's Day, the joke was definitely on us. We believed the rumors that #2 is easier than #1, so we put Max down to bed and went to bed ourselves. For like a minute. He proceeded to scream through the night until morning. Then slept all day to get energy for a second night of screaming through the night. At my wit's end, in tears, tired, etc, we made an appointment on Friday with the doctor. Hoping it was acid reflux (he hated being in his crib and lying down) and some baby Zantac would cure it, the doctor looked into our eyes and said "I think it's colic". We went through colic with Lucy but her peak time was 7-11pm and then she'd finally sleep. If this was going to be colic during all the dark hours, we were going to be in trouble!

I called in my mom, Grandma Val, for the weekend so we could get some sleep in at least and figure out a plan of attack. She must've had a talk with him because a moment in grandma's arms cured the colic (so far). OR, my theory is it was April 3rd, his great-grandpa Kenny's (and his namesake) birthday and they had a talk to rid him of this foolishness!

So this is Max and this blog will now be postings of the adventures of our family and the joys and pains of big sister/little brother!

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