Monday, July 13, 2009

A trip to the zoo

Today we took a trip to the Como Zoo. It was a beautiful day for it, and we packed a lot into the 3 hours we were there! After checking out the animals, we had a picnic lunch, and ended the day with a trip on the Carousel, Lucy's first ride! We got home and everyone's still napping!

They had younger zoo "people" all along the paths with various creatures to teach us about. Lucy loved the big toad!

Bummer :( Sparky the Seal doesn't do Mondays, so we had to watch the seals lazily swimming in circles. I remember being little and buying cups of stinky fish to feed these seals!


Her first carnival ride. Notice the stink eye. She was ready for a nap 15 minutes before this...

Other photos from our weekend. Papa and Lucy in boxes. Not sure why. Papa took Lucy up to the air field Friday night so she could watch the planes take off and the sky divers. She just loved it!

The usual morning routine of hanging out in our bed while we get ready. On Saturday, Troy and Uncle Eric took the kids to Grandview Community Park in Hudson while mom got some quality time to herself. Unfortunately, after coming home and taking a nap, Lucy woke up with a fever and just not herself. We diligently gave her Tylenol through the night and she woke up chipper as ever!

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