Thursday, March 25, 2010


Max is going to be ONE. Where did the year go? The comparisons to Lucy at this age as to what she was doing (crawling, standing successfully, a few words) are so different than Max (butt scooting, yelling baby nonsense at his sister to let go of his toys...). We are planning a big open house type party Easter weekend (walking tacos and build-your-own-sundae bar...mmm) and counting down the days (26 to go?) til our trip to Disney World!

Lucy keeps asking if we're going today, like it's a car trip to the Mall of America. Her biggest news these days is she's potty trained. Well, to her mother's standards (still in a pull-up at night, and we do frequently remind her to take a break). Now that we're in "unders", she will proceed to take off her pants whenever and run around the house "free". I missed this, but when Troy brought her home from daycare the other day, she took off her pants and socks and said she was "exercising". Hey, whatever works!

Max's new favorite snack is Club House Crackers. I think the Easter bunny might put them in his basket. He will shove an entire one in his mouth and immediately grab another. It's like m & m's for the rest of us. Lucy's new favorite snack is Pretty Much Everything or Anything I'm Eating.

With the wonderful weather lately we've been taking lots of walks. Here are some photos from at the park yesterday.

Happy Birthdays and Easter Everyone!


Marie and her life said...

ok, this is waaaaaaay strange! I have a blog too and I was just hitting the button to check the next blog and yours came up, and I thought I kind of knew you, or at least recognized your name! You are Heidi's friend and i used to be her sister in law, don't even know if you remember me, we met a couple of times. I used to be Marie Pahl. Anyways, you have BEAUTIFUL KIDS! I bet you are a wonderful mom and I am so happy for you! I am remarried and we just had a baby 7 months ago.

Marie and her life said...

Nice to hear back from you!
Yes I did go to St Mary's for surg tech and I graduate April 23rd! Right now I am at Abbott for my last rotation and I love love love every second of it!