Monday, July 30, 2007

Boo Boo

Are those Dora bandaids on your left hand Lucy? Why's that? Ah yes, mama was cutting fingernails today and we accidentally cut finGER. Not such a happy camper today as she keeps getting the bandaid off and re-opening the "wound". Hopefully we can keep it on and not get a mess on our dress tonight - we're going to Mama Maria's for Nana Vicky's birthday!

And here is a shot of us LOVING tummy time!

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Anonymous said...

Nana says, "I think all Mommy's have cut a finger or toe or two!"

The Lovestrand family including Lucy, went to Mama Maria's in Hudson last night for my birthday! We had a wonderful meal and special time together....Lucy was so good! We forgot the camera though!

And Lisa's cats will be missed, but can be remembered at a special time of year - Halloween - Lisa's favorite time of year.

Our vacation to the cabin was fantastic.....we have Mark and Val to thank for being such wonderful hosts, entertainment directors and fishing guides! Our group picture says it all!

I want to thank Lisa and Troy for their birthday gift to me....a jacket from Nisswa, Mn. It will always carry a special memory! And to Lucy for her present to me...three 8-9 oz. baby bottles, a cute burp cloth and some pacifiers, in prparation for Aug. 23rd when Nana gets to day-care Lucy while Lisa goes back to work. I am very excited about my new adventure and hope Lucy is too!
And thanks too, Lisa, for the yummy birthday cake!

That's all for now.....I still can't believe I am retired from teaching!! Vicky