Monday, July 14, 2008

quick update

Some photos from Lucy and I's days (last Weds. thru Friday) up at the lake. The first is of Lucy in her old jumparoo that Jamie is now using. On Friday we headed up to Nord Lake in Aitkin (about 20 minutes from our cabin) to Uncle Roy's cabin. They have a huge eagle's nest with...eaglets? in there so we went to take pictures. The bugs were so bad though that I just put the camera in front of me and took one picture and ran back to the truck. There are supposed to be 3 eagle babies in the nest but we only saw 2 this time, hopefully the other one is doing ok. They are very "majestic" birds I must say. The babies are huge!

The pictures of Lucy eating...ha was Uncle Roy trying to get a rise out of me, but I let him just do it. I had been saying that Lucy hadn't "done her business" while up at the cabin, which is like her mother (it's a long running joke that I only feel comfortable for that when at home...ahem.). Anyway, Roy says to me "she needs chocolate". So he put out 2 M&M's for her, which she's never had before. I am by no means an anal retentive mom, I think everyone can vouch for that, and I am not raising a fussy eater, but for some reason I haven't given the child much chocolate yet. Anyway, out came the M&M's, and they were interesting to her but she ate them. Then he brings out a package of swiss cake rolls for her. The child has never seen one of these before and it was like she already knew how to eat one (peel off the outside chocolate first, then try to unroll the roll...)! So here she is, eating her treats. Then he brought out of chocolate cake but I had to say "enough!" to that.

But, in true form, she didn't do her business til Saturday, when we were home!
I haven't updated in a while so this one will be brief. I have been getting lots of crafting done so I'll take some pictures of those and post them here too.

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