Monday, August 4, 2008

August and Lollipops

July 5th at Grandpa Duffy's house in Osceola: In her usual spot, sitting in the toybasket while I read to her:
Still in the toybasket:
This lovely view of our now white-trashed west side will be covered by a wonderful privacy fence in the weeks to come (it might not seem that horrible to you, but imagine all the cars in front parked on the lawn and the police over on calls to their house once a week...):
I had no idea she had gotten these out of the cooler and was trying to "eat" them thru the bag!
Giving daddy the stink eye while we're reading bedtime stories:

A side view of the new haircut:

This girl loves pillows!

In our party dress from Aunti Shannon, heading to the Murtha wedding on Aug. 2nd:

She had been napping for almost 3 hours, so I went in to find out what was up:
At dad's favorite store, Cabela's in Rogers, MN:She loves the water. Here she is in the dog bowl...

And then she sits in it!

With her new toy from daddy, the vacuum cleaner:

I am very delinquent on updating this blog I see! The calendar now reads August 2008. I remember posting that 2008 is a nice even number like it was yesterday and now we're in the depths of August humidity? Goodness sakes, next thing you know it'll be State Fair time (Minnesota, that is)!

I found some miscellaneous pictures from July I could post and recently updated my playlist (that musical thing that plays on the side of my blog if you have sound turned on) to put my latest favorite musical discovery "Lollipop". It's a fun, childish song.

Let's see here, what is new? Lucy had her 2nd haircut last week, she's saying and signing more words than ever. It takes me by surprise when she signs something I've been doing for months and she does it on her own. I always sign "more please" so she knows how to be polite, and she's had "more" down (that was her first word) for a while. We were in Walmart on Friday shopping and I'm feeding her some Goldfish and I said "what do you say?" and she says "peas" and signs it too! She loves ice and says that word and popsicles, and anything else involving being outside, the kiddie pool (constantly in and out, cannot sit still in there!), sidewalk chalk, and bubbles.

It was so cute yesterday, we were all out back while Troy and his parents were planting hydrangeas and I brought Lucy's toys out, including sidewalk chalk, thinking she could draw in the firepit we have. Well the kid takes off to the other side of the house and here she was drawing on the sidewalk - smart girl!

Troy is now working from home on Tuesdays and Fridays so we purchased a new office set-up from Ikea last week and put our office in the craft room downstairs and the old office is now Lucy's toy room.

I have been getting some craft projects worked on - finished up a Santa cross-stitch for my mom and started a new one (it's the only craft I can work on and watch a movie to). I am working on a couple quilted table runners for holiday gifts as well as figuring out how to make felt christmas tree skirts. I love to craft!
Nana and Papa leave Friday for their 10-day vacation (an Alaskan Cruise!) so Lucy will be in various daycares the next couple of weeks. We have one more wedding coming up this month (cousin Mike's), the MN State Fair, and a trip to Lake Benton. Busy busy!

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Melody said...

Such cute pictures!!! The blog and the pics were worth the wait:) I love Lucy's new haircut. She's growing up so fast, Lisa!

I bought another new Cricut cartridge this weekend (Stretch of the Imagination) and I'm anxious to use it. We should plan a scrapping day soon.