Thursday, June 18, 2009

the Cabin

Something's hokey with blogger today, so these pictures are out of order...

On Sunday, Lucy helped daddy wash all the mud off the truck. She really got into it!

Lucy and Jamie with Grandpa at the cabin:

Last week we spent the week up at the cabin with family. Lots of fishing, card playing, good eating, trip to Nisswa, garage saling, a book was read, some cross-stitching accomplished, celebrated a few birthdays and an anniversary. Lots of fun!

Max and Lucy chillin' with daddy:

Max hanging out with Uncle Duffy:

What IS this? My daughter is addicted to the ribbon on her "woobie" and likes to stick it in the corner of her eye. HUH? Yes. It's her comfort item and when she has it, she sticks it in her eye. hmmm....

Lucy and Cousin Jamie loved playing on the slide:

THESE were everywhere:

She loves ladder golf!

Abby waiting to go fishing:
I'm too cool:
Nightly bathtime routine:

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