Monday, September 26, 2011

TDC Inspiration - Candy Corn

I've been in the fall decorating mood and when I saw this post from Sarah, I thought super-easy, super-cute and super-cheap.  I haven't broken out the hot glue gun in years and now that it's out, I have many ideas!  I'm thinkin' a window wreath for every occassion - gumdrops or peppermints for Christmas, conversation hearts for Valentine's day...

Anyway, this project should have been super-cheap but I had NO coupons for Joann's when the inspiration hit and foam is rarely on sale.  (I have heard that the dollar store sells faux wreaths, note to self for next time!)  And I'm thinkin' for even more cheapness to buy the holiday candy during the post-holiday sale (as long as I want to wait until next year to display it).

Here are a couple shots of the pre-display candy corn goodness:

I used a TON of glue gun sticks for the wreath.  That puppy is secure!  I didn't have any fabulous ribbon to hang it from so I dug through my fabric scraps and found these black remnants, sewed them into a very long strip, measured how long I wanted it to hang, cut and sewed the 2 ends together to make a secure "loop".  This now adorns our kitchen window and I love it!  (Photo coming soon)

I am determined to not break out the 3 buckets of Halloween decor until October 1st, so things will fill up more in a week or so.!

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