Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Go Vikes!

This picture is for second cousin, Cami :) Daddy dressed her in this for church on Sunday until I said "she is NOT wearing Vikings to church! The season hasn't even started yet!" I secretly was fearful for her life at a mostly-Packers-based church anyway. But she sure looked cute!

Lucy and I went into my work today to visit and sign some returning papers. Two more weeks! Our area is also in the midst of some big re-org, typical of corporate america, but I'm feeling a bit out of the loop with being on leave. When I return, I'll be reporting to a new manager based out of Boston.

This past weekend Troy and brother/uncle/godfather Eric sheetrocked our new basement bathroom all day Saturday. On Sunday, the high school girlfriends got together in Baldwin while their male counterparts went golfing in River Falls. There were 6 kids ages 4 and under to keep us plenty busy. And when the guys returned, we grilled out and went home to collapse!

This Thursday will be Lucy's 4-month appointment at the doctor's. More shots and more tears for mommy :( Then it's up to the cabin for a long weekend with Grandma Val and Grandpa Mark!


Jody said...

Thanks for your fun comment on my blog. I still don't know how you found me through Steve Edelman and Good Company...but it did make me laugh to think back to my time with the show. =) Good times. As for the Viking outfit...cute. My hubby would let my kids wear it to church. But we now live in Lion's territory. Still, we are Vikings fans through and through. Have fun blogging and stop back to Nitty.Gritty. anytime. All my best to you and your sweet family.~ Jody

Beth said...

Smart move not wearing that to church Lucy! I certainly don't think you need to fear for your life, but you'd absolutely be on the receiving end of some ridicule. :)


BTW - Glad to hear you like "Go Fish!" Which album did you get?