Friday, August 24, 2007

The Great MN Get-Together 2007

Troy, Lucy, Mom/Grandma Val and I headed to the State Fair today. There for a good 7 1/2 hours, 7 of which we spent on our feet, thankfully I guess, so we could work off some of the calories we consumed. Would you like a list of what we ate? You would? Here's the rundown, mind you the majority of this was SHARED - pork chop on a stick, mini donuts, pronto pup, french fries, cheese curds, gelato (this was a new find for us this year and very good!), sloppy joes on a stick (this was new this year at Axel's and it was the only food we've ever thrown away at the Fair!), hawaiian ice, luigi fries, a variety of beverages, hot dish on a stick (first time any of us had ever tried it), Sweet Martha's cookies...that can't be it can it? Troy and Val spotted a bag left by a woman sitting next to us, turns out it was 4 uneaten homemade salted nut rolls, so of course he took them, pigger :)

Val eating hot dish on a stick:

Lisa and Lucy, the new Don and Amelia:

Taking a breather outside the Grandstand:

But enough about food, what did we do besides walk and eat? Well, shop of course. I (Lisa) am proud to say I did not buy a single thing for myself. I did get a couple Christmas gifts purchased (I'm sure everyone loves a handblown glass flamingo, right?). Troy got himself the kitchen sink - a KFAN shirt (of course), some jacket that he swears is $100 in the stores, a choadish Gophers outfit (we had worn jeans to the Fair thinking it would be cool today and as you can see, it was not, so Troy went to the U of M booth to buy some shorts and came out dressed in a gold t-shirt and red shorts so we could see him from a mile away!), and both Troy and Val purchased the Kitchen Plus 2000 because they're going to make salsa every day apparently!

And besides shopping we meandered through the Grandstand and Coliseum, totally missed half the Fair really and missed a couple blocks worth of stuff surprisingly, watched the Lori and Julia show for a bit (FM 107.1), sat by the Bandshell and listened to some teenage a cappella band sing "Elvira" (oom pa pa mow mow), went thru the MN Bound (Ron Scharra) store, tried to find out where the Medica booth would be (to see if Jim Williams was working today) but didn't see it.

As we were leaving it was getting pretty packed being a Friday night. We saw this teenage couple, apparently on a date, as the girl was wearing 4 inch the Fair...high heels? She is going to have some jacked up feet tonight! We did not witness any obesitiness in sports bras thankfully. That's always a fear that we'll see some of that.

My personal bests of the day: Lucy, she was just a doll today and quite a trooper; pork chop on a stick; the Lactation Station at the FM 107.1 area (a recommendation for all mothers of babies, lactating or not - a private room filled with fans, wicker glider rocking chairs, playpen, changing table, diapers/wipes/every diaper-changing thing you can imagine, water, complimentary bags filled with a huge wipes container and some miscellaneous motherly stuff - loved that!); spending time with family making fun of other people.

Worsts of the day: sloppy joes on a stick (I really should've just spit it out as to not waste precious calories on this); sore tootsies/dogs barking; the people who would walk in front of you and just stop for no reason, same as the people who come walking at you but looking at something in the sky so they run into you.

And here's a shot of Lucy as we left today:

See you at the Fair next year!

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Beth said...

So sweet when they sleep!!!! Sounds like you had a HUGE day! We're headed there on Sat. Thanks for the tip on the goodie bag for babies. Can't wait to see what other goodies we'll find.