Thursday, January 3, 2008

That's my baby!

Lucy's 8-month photos are online for viewing at - go to Menu, Online Viewing-Ordering, Click on Link, Portraits, and look for Lucy Lovestrand. They are all absolutely adorable and I'm going to have a hard time ordering! Rest assured, family reading, that I will be ordering wallets to pass out to you!

Every night Troy and I say "you're such a good kid, Lucy" and she truly is. I keep wondering, that cute kid came out of ME?! We are experiencing a new phase with her though. Well, I'm hoping it's not going to become a phase, or hoping it's a very short-lived phase, but the past 2 nights we've put her down to bed (normally she's somewhat awake and babbles to herself until she falls asleep) she starts this screachy screamy/crying. Now her teeth have already broken thru so it's not oral pain, and she burps fairly well so I don't think it's gas, so we're not sure what it is. Stay tuned!

Yesterday Lucy and I went and spent the day with Sam and Jamie. Lucy was very good, playing and keeping herself occupied whenever I tended to Jamie, which wasn't too often cuz she's still in that sleepy phase. But I forget what it was like, was Lucy really that tiny coming home? You can barely hold their squirmy butts still while holding legs in the air and trying to put a new diaper under it (thus an accident yesterday...)and those diapers are like barbie-sized to begin with, and then they throw up all their food. And that's just my perspective as the one who didn't give birth - add on top of all of that adjusting your sleep patterns to that of screechy baby, or waking up to their every noise (babies make lots of wierd sleeping noises which is why Troy and I shut off the monitor months ago!), or the healing your body has to go thru all the while your hormones have bottomed out and your hair starts falling out and those stretch marks take their sweet time going away (same with that extra 15 pounds...). BUT, every pound and every hair lost is worth it and I'm definitely looking forward to expanding our family.

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Beth said...

Lucy's photos are DARLING!