Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Time to start remembering to write 2008 on everything! I like even numbers, I think this year is going to be a good one. After the holidays I start getting spring fever, or vacation fever. I am definitely ready now for some sunny days and some 40+ degree weather though. This morning it is -3!

Write a comment and tell us what YOU did on New Year's Eve! Troy and Lucy and I went downtown Baldwin to the Family Resource Center (where I go to Baby n Me playgroup), where some friends had rented out the space from 6-10pm. There was a pot luck and about 6 families with children there. Lucy made it til almost 9:30! We talked with the other parents and played with all the kids and actually had "circle time" and sang songs, like all the kids do at play group. I tried, but I was definitely asleep before midnight! And staying up 2 hours past her bedtime did not deter Lucy from getting up at 6 again this morning :)

Finally...some photos of Baby Jamie! Baby and Mom went home on Monday and now going through what we all do - no sleep wondering if baby is still breathing, regular spit up wondering if your baby is going to die of malnutrition, and even though everyone tells you to sleep when the baby is sleeping, you still gotta wash bottles and baby clothes!


Melody said...

Oh yeah!! Pictures!! She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Aunt Lisa!!

Our New Year's Eve was spent in Stevens Point at my sister's house. We babysat for her two youngest (Sophie who is 6 and Jack who is 2)while my sister and her husband took my nephew Andrew to Milwaukee. Andrew had a 6:00 flight this morning from Milwaukee back to Keesler Air Force Base (which is why they went to Milwaukee last night). I was in bed with Hope by 9. How boring is that?? hehehe

Happy New Year, Lovestrand family!!

Beth said...

Congrats Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin! Jamie is a beautiful little girl!

Our NYE - we were here with one of my best friends from HS and her husband. Hope and Keri bonded and Ron and Dean played the Wii. After Hope went to bed at 7:00, we all stayed up playing games, watched the ball drop, and eventually (about 2:00 I think) all went to bed. Hope...normal schedule of course...was up at 6:00 for milk and then for good at 7:00. She hits the ground running and doesn't slow down for much until nap time. We were all dragging, but made it through the day and back to work this morning. Reality sure hits hard after you've been home for a couple weeks.

Have a great 2008 everyone!