Monday, February 11, 2008

Do I look sick?

Lucy has had a cold since last Thursday, all boogery and stuff. She's had a hard time sleeping and hasn't been drinking much either. Even though all baby cold medications are off the market she's going to the doctor tomorrow to make sure it's nothing more.

Today is her 10-month birthday and so we took the monthly pictures with the sheep.

What is she doing these days? Drooling, more teeth on the way, and lots of standing. Tonight she stood up one-handed and looked at me like kind of bewildered. We're guessing walking by 11 months, however for about 3 months we guessed she'd crawl and for about 5 months we thought she was teething.
This past weekend we were down in Lake Benton and Troy caught some of his cousins, Zach and Alex, basketball games. And it was COLD and WINDY out! Did I mention I'm ready for spring? The next couple of weeks are going to be busy for us. Troy will be going down to the Rochester office to check things out there, Friday Lucy will be going to Grandma Val's for the day while Troy and I go check out Rochester and the surrounding area, Friday night Troy has water hockey, Saturday Jess and I will head to Northfield to Nicole's shop (Jess hasn't been there yet) and Saturday night is game night! Next week we'll get taxes done, Wednesday I have a coffee date and my bible study group is serving the Lenten meal (taco bar), and on the 23rd Paul will be 61 and we're taking them to the Food and Wine Experience at the Mpls. Convention Center as we did a few years ago! If you've never been and you like to eat or you like to drink wine or do both, this is money well spent for a day of grazing and sipping!
Well, Troy is bowling tonight so I'm going to go have control of the remote while I can!

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