Friday, February 22, 2008


I swear that's what her new word is "shoesh". I was putting them on her feet this morning and that's what she said.

I know some of you 3 blog readers are awaiting any Lovestrand news but I don't have anything of 100% certainty yet, so things could change, but with 99% certainty, Troy is going to take a different position with his company down in their new Rochester office doing full-time sales. He is very excited about this job change. We will know more "officially" next week. In anticipation of that, we're getting our house ready to go on the market. Not much to do but clean it and pack some things up to de-clutter the house. I expect it to go on the market in a week, once the whole job thing is official.

I'm not really worried about the move, moreso the sale of the house instead as the market is rotten right now. I am hoping to be granted full-time telecommuting at my job so we won't have to find daycare down there for the one day a week I have to go in. Everything will work out the way it's meant to work out.

Tomorrow is Paul's 61st birthday and in honor of that I've posted a couple pictures from his big party last year - one of the snowiest weekends we had! The second picture is the Kuhn car after doing some daredevil driving in the parking lot (with her mother!) she got stuck, HA! And the last one is me, very pregnant, and making "church meat" sandwiches, something I'd never had before but I did have a liking for that cheez whiz! Troy and I are taking Paul and Vicky to the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience for his birthday present. We did this back when Troy and I were dating and it's a fabulous time!

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Beth said...

BIG news! I've been hearing rumors, but nothing official. I hope everything works out just perfectly for you. Though I hate to see you move, I'll just pray that everything moves along smoothly and that the entire transition is a peaceful one. :)


P.S. Did I hear talk of a "Hobby Lobby" road trip in the future???

P.P.S. What in the world is a church meat sandwich?