Thursday, February 7, 2008

That's what it's all about!

I tried to teach Lucy the Hokey Pokey tonight (thus, the title here) but I think it's a little too much to comprehend at this time. At least it's some exercise for us when we can't be outside!

Today is my friend Jessica's 35th birthday. Lucy just had her bath and we're going to head over to their house to bring by her gift and see the kids. Jessica and I met our sophomore year in high school (that's 1988 for those who can't believe I'm that old!) and our lockers were next to each other. We had a lot of fun(ny) times in high school, cruising around in her parents' big brown Buick ("the beast"). And we were also college roommates our freshman year at UWRF (sometimes just because you're best friends doesn't mean you should always live together!). Both of us majored in Criminal Justice (you know I ain't doing anything with that degree!) and Jess got her masters in it and is now a probation officer for an undisclosed county (I can't give away TOO much personal info!) while I am in the technology industry longing to be a stay-at-home mom! So we're going over to visit now and wish her a happy birthday.
This weekend we're heading down to Lake Benton, MN to visit Troy's extended family and see his cousins play basketball. I picked up Lucy's 8 month (she'll be 10 on Monday) photos and am hoping to make some Valentines with the wallets and get those in the mail next week. I've also almost got all those baby bibs sewn to put in Nicole's shop. My next endeavor is making soy jar candles! They sound fairly easy to make, I've bought all the supplies and various scents I think people will enjoy and we shall see! The intent is to sell them in her shop and use them in our own house and give as gifts. And since I always have about 10 crafts in the back of my mind I want to do, I have a baby blanket idea to try out and lots of scrapbooking to do!

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