Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lucy's 1-year Photos

are online at Suzie is now doing a bound book for your proofs which is kind of cool. They "accidentally" did duplicates of all her shots, some of which are in a different format (b&w, sepia, intense color, etc). So hard to choose! Not sure if we'll order any family shots. We took those pictures last Thursday which was a sleeting/windy/blizzard and it did wonders for the hair.

It's finally spring here. Yesterday I had Lucy out on the sidewalk in her barefeet and was talking to a neighbor as she took a few steps on her own. I think she had better traction than she does in our house. Another thing she's learned how to do is Houdini her way out of the high chair! Yep, give me a heart attack kid. She was eating breakfast in the kitchen and I was down the hall doing the laundry only to come back to find her standing in her high chair and giggling! (Yes, she does have a strap around her waist and one between her legs!)


Melody said...

The pictures are so, so good!!! I wouldn't even know where to begin to choose them.

Beth said...

SWEET! The photos are great! Lucy is very photogenic! What a charming smile. :)