Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What is this new phase? Lucy was so predictable before - morning nap, afternoon nap and to bed at 7 no questions asked. Now we've reached the whiney needy phase and an hour and a half of complaining when put to bed at night. Huh? It's like colic phase 2 over here. Could it be her teeth? Maybe. Is it because she's switched to whole milk? I dunno. Is it because she's a female? Most likely. Here are some photos of her napping recently, totally out of it, we snuck in to take her pictures just laughing to ourselves.

Today we had playgroup and the snack today was not made for children. The theme has been spring and rain and today the kids made...mud. Chocolate pudding with crushed up oreos and a gummy worm in it. Tell me what part of that sounds like a nice clean snack for an 11 month old? I secretly wanted the Oreo for myself. Her hand immediately went into the pudding cup, which then went on her face and on her chair. Don't get me wrong, it was funny and cute, but next time I'm bringing a garbage bag bib for her.
Lots of things going on in our household and for friends and family. Last weekend I had a day of scrapbooking up at GLC and got most of Lucy's baby book completed, yay! But then Troy had called me to say Lucy wasn't "right". Figuring her teeth might be bothering her he gave her some Motrin. When I got home though she was just whimpering in her crip with a fever of 102. By the next day it was up to 102.7. She just cuddled with us all day, not feeling good, just laying there. It was kind of sweet as she never just sits, but we didn't want her feeling bad either. Sunday night I looked and saw yet another new tooth sprouting up below. That makes 3 1/2 up top and 2 1/2 on the bottom.
And while we were feeling bad for Lucy Saturday night, we got some bad news on other fronts. Good friends of ours' son was involved in a horrible car crash over the weekend, so our thoughts and prayers are with their family in this time of unknown. As well another friend suffered a miscarriage over the weekend, so lots of unhappy news everywhere.
Troy has been sick with various things from this eye disease to some sore throat/coughing combo this week. I think it's old age. He's going to be 31 on Friday. Then we had that lovely dumping of snow. I'm ready for Spring! Have I mentioned that enough already?
Things to look forward to - this weekend the Trautmas will be here as well as we're celebrating Lucy's 1st birthday on Saturday. I should have lots of pictures to post next week!

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