Monday, April 21, 2008

Today's Appointment

Lucy had her 1-year appointment and immunizations today. All weekend she has had a horrible runny nose keeping her up all night, which I attributed to another tooth coming in. Yesterday her left eye had boogers too. So she has pink eye and has to take drops for a week (should be fun trying to administer those!) Our appointment was at 9:40 this morning and we did not get into the office until 10:40. Now, believing that we would be somewhat on time, all I had packed was a sippy cup with water and a few goldfish crackers. We were cutting into nap time too. But I love my doctor and really, what could she do? So we got our measurements and checked out and then it took them forever to get the drugs ready or something so I had to sing the "zipper" song to Lucy and she almost conked out but then the nurse came in to give her the shots, ugh. So it was 11:30 by the time we finally got out of there! She was super good with the shots though, normally it's ensued by loud screachy crying for a long time, but she had a small cry and was done. I think she was just too pooped to give it her all.

Height: 30 1/4" (85th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs. 10.5 oz. (25th percentile)

The weight is funny. When we were in in February she was 19 lbs. 2 oz. So we figured her close to 21lbs by now. Troy guessed her at 23 lbs. Ha! Skinny little stinker.

Still not walking yet. She took 3 steps on the sidewalk last week on her own but none since. She's so there though. Today she was hanging on to the drawstring on my sweatshirt and using that to hold on to while walking (obviously not much support!). Yesterday I took her down to the park to swing and wish I had taken my camera because she loved it so much!

On the work front, the merger of my company (Thomson) and Reuters was complete last week. Still no word on who our management will be for a few more weeks.

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Melody said...

Oh're a little thing just like Hope!!! Hope is almost always in the 25th percentile for weight. But she's never been in the 85th percentile for height (she's usually in the 50th percentile)! You go girl!!! I'm sorry to hear about the pink eye. I had it earlier this year and it is NOT fun! But I guess there are worse things that could happen. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery though.

I'll be waiting to read that you're a full-fledged walker. I know Mommy and Daddy are so excited, but their lives will NEVEr be the same once you're mobile. Walking only lasts for a short time---soon after that you'll only be running.