Thursday, June 5, 2008


Wow, it's been a while since I posted AND I have no new pictures to share! Last Friday Lucy had her first haircut at Kids Hair in Woodbury. I didn't have my camera with but they took a Polaroid of her so we do have a souvenier, unfortunately I can't post the polaroid here! But it was so cute and she was a trooper. They kept her busy with a sucker and Dora on the TV and the stylist was great at cutting a moving target :)

We've been busy getting things packed and ready for our week up at the cabin. We are also having an Open House this Saturday so we have to leave the house in clean shape for that (but it will be nice to come back from vacation to a clean house!) I'm curious if anyone will come to the open house too.

Last week's stresses over car damage have been replaced with work stresses. My small team who supports and develops a tool that the entire company uses and relies on, still has no post-merger management to report or watch over us (an advocate at least), as well as half of us have been taken for THEE top priority project of the summer, leaving the other half of us to keep an ever-increasing customer base happy and the tool from breaking. Not good. But a girlfriend reminded me to just give all my stresses to Jesus, so when I want to complain I complain to Him, and for some reason it just puts me in a better mood!

I took a half day of vacation today to get things started early and I have to promise myself not to check email! There are father's day and birthday cards to be purchased, texas caviar and chex mix to be made, and a house to be cleaned.

My work conference trip to Vegas, which was June 16-20th, has been cancelled. Two of us were going and we have been pulled back for work and sending another in our place. I'm bummed to miss the shows we were going to see, and the luxury hotel we were staying at. But otherwise I'm ok with it. I would've missed Lucy too much (see December 2007 Boston trip!). I do have some fun things planned when I return, including a girls night at the Marx Wine Cafe in Stillwater, and seeing the Sex and the City movie!

Have a great week everyone, we'll have pictures to post when I return!

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