Tuesday, May 27, 2008

when it rains...

I couldn't sleep last night, all bothered and worried about anything and everything. We realized last night that while we thought nothing had been stolen out of our car, they had taken Troy's laptop. He didn't think about it until getting things ready for work last night. So that falls under homeowner's insurance but with our deductible we can't claim that either. So the broken window and laptop will all come out of our pocket. Why does this crap happen?

Speaking of 'crap'... the seal around our toilet is leaking so we need to pull that out and replace the new tiles we laid on Sunday.

What next?

I'm trying hard to remember what didn't happen over the weekend. We weren't hit with any storm damage. Our family is all safe and alive. Is this stupid stuff like broken windows and toilets what God helps us through? I mean, I'd rather use him for the really tough stuff, but I still hear me asking Him "Why?"

Despite all of that the weekend was nice. We attended a lovely wedding reception Friday night. Got flowers planted and porches painted on Saturday. Lucy has been sleeping through the night with no middle-of-the-night waking up and crying for about a week now. Got the bathroom nearly finished on Sunday. Yesterday we were invited to grill out over at friends for lunch. Got a nice nap in and had a great lasagna dinner over at Chef Paul's. The start of my 2-week work break is in 10 days (a week up at the cabin and then a week in Vegas for an HP convention). Amidst all of that I will be turning 34. What the heck kind of number is that?! I should still be in my 20's!

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Melody said...

Oh Lisa...
I'm so sorry about everything that happened this weekend. I do believe that God helps us whenever we need it...for big things or small things. He doesn't find it burdensome at all. He rather loves it when we go to Him...for anything.

As for turning 34...just wait until you hit 40!! The thought hit me today that in September I'm going to be 41. And ya know what?? I love it!! I wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, with your birthday being around the corner, does that mean a Cricut is in sight??? Things to look forward to!!