Saturday, December 29, 2007

She's Here!

Jamie Susan Hill arrived this morning at 10:36 a.m. Weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 20" long. Full of dark hair! It was quite the experience for me to be in there watching and waiting with Sam. I've seen lots of deliveries as a surgical tech but it's a very different experience when it's someone you love having that baby!

If anyone wants details, read further...Sam had her routine appointment yesterday afternoon and after that exam she went home and was feeling some contractions as well as bleeding. Mom took her to the hospital around 6:30 and Marcus (baby daddy) met them there. She hadn't dilated much but was very uncomfortable. The hospital literally had no rooms to put her in so she stayed in an exam room for the evening after they gave her a shot to help with the pain and let her go to sleep to get some rest. If she didn't progress past a 3 they would send her home in the morning. So I stayed with her til 2:30 am and when Marcus returned I went home (assuming she'd be going home in the morning too). (Mom had already gone home to get a few hours sleep before she had to work today.) I got a phone call from Marcus at 5 am that Sam was 6 cm dilated and they were going to be giving her an epidural. Well, baby is coming today!

So I called mom, who was at work (she couldn't sleep so she went in the office at 2:45 am!), and we all met back at the hospital, where Sam had her epidural and was feeling no pain. By 7:30 she was at a 9, however the doctor was in surgery this morning and they didn't want to break her water until he was out. She quickly dilated to a 10 and was completely effaced, and still no doctor. She wanted to push but had to breathe through it instead. Finally after 9 the nurse is able to break her water and the doctor got there and they started prepping the room for the big event. I decided I would videotape and take pictures as those are special memories!

And so after a half hour of pushing and a lovely episiotomy (mom and I think the doctor was a little too quick to snip instead of letting her stretch more on her own...hey you read further, this is the details!) the little peanut was born at 10:36 am. While mom was being stitched up I took lots of video of her getting her apgars and weighed and measured and getting her erythromyacin and her Vit. K shot so Sam could watch it later.

When I left, everything had been cleaned up, Sam was ordering room service as she had been NPO for a good 24 hours, and she was feeding Jamie her first bottle and she's a good burper too!

Since I had taken pictures with Sam's camera I don't have them to upload here. Troy, Lucy and I will be bringing her some lunch tomorrow and we'll bring our camera to take some pictures and I'll be sure to upload some then.

It is very surreal to be an aunt. I assumed it would happen a little bit later in my life. When I heard that Sam was pregnant back in September it was very hard news to take. I still think of her as my baby sister who needs to be taken care of, but now she has her own person that needs her to take care of them! I will pray for continued health for the baby, that Sam's butt heals nicely and that she enjoys motherhood to the fullest!

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