Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where's Spring??

It's snowing again as I write this. Come on already, I want to see green!

No big updates here. No official training/work plan for Troy's new job yet. He started this past Monday but he's still doing what he's always been doing. Tomorrow he'll be down in Rochester all day to set up and work at some kind of convention in the evening, showing their products.

The realtor is coming on Saturday to get our house on the market so we've been busy packing up a few things and painting the master bath a lovely neutral cream color. A good house cleaning and we'll be ready for sale! This is our next big hurdle, selling this house. I hope the right family is out there looking for this particular house - 3 bathrooms, up to 6 bedrooms, nice landscaping, a huge backyard noone's going to build on, fairly quiet neighborhood, close to a park, walking distance to town and church, etc etc. I'll post a link to it once it's listed on the MLS.
Here are a few pictures of Lucy from the other day. I wanted a picture to put in her birthday invitations. This year has gone way too fast and she's getting so big! We have Baby n Me playgroup this afternoon and she is now the oldest kid there and she's graduating to plain ol' playgroup next month! Speaking of which, how crazy is this - playgroup is so huge that next Monday at 9 am you have to start calling and redialing to get through to sign up for the next 10 week session. My girlfriend who has her daughter in it already said her and another friend get together with their cellphones and when one gets through then they pass the phone to the other to get signed up as well. I forget what the class size is limited to, but wow!
Tomorrow Kellie and I are working the phones at the KS95 for Kids Radiothon out at Southdale Mall. It will be on the radio Thursday thru Saturday, raising money for childrens cancer research. If you've ever listened to it, you've probably cried listening to it too. They have actual cancer patients, survivors, ones who've lost children to cancer sharing their stories on the air.
Nothing much else to report. We did attend our first community supper at church last night. It's held the first Tuesday of every month at our church, put on by various churches in the community. And boy was it packed! I hope there are things like this to wherever we're moving to.

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Melody said...

Great pictures of Lucy. I can't believe how much she's changed...just in the past few weeks! I hate to tell you, but she's not a baby anymore. The good news in that is that you have so many fun, exciting days ahead with her. I thought I'd so miss Hope's baby days (and I do), but the TWOs are so much fun. I'm SERIOUS about that! They really aren't the terrible twos. I'm not sure who came up with that, but it's not true. So much to look forward to.

And on another note: I'm going to miss you guys so much when you move:(