Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Another weekend has flown by way too fast. On Friday Troy and I made a trip out to the Mall of America for some much-needed clothes shopping for myself. We made a pretty good dent in that while Grandma Val watched Lucy.

On Saturday my dad and Mary stopped by to bring Lucy her Easter basket and in it were some Twinkies! And she now has a new favorite junk food! We then made a trip to my favorite (not) store Walmart Superstore for some grocery shopping as was everyone else in St. Croix County. Oh well, serves me right for shopping the day before a holiday! Got home and Lucy napped, so much so that we couldn't wake her up :)

Sunday almost ended before it began. Lucy started a meltdown well before we even left for church and was in such a snit that she fell on the coffee table, biting her tongue and blood all over. Good thing for TEC spot remover. Daddy removed the spot and we had a bottle and headed to church where we squirmed for the entire service. We did get to see a couple faces I haven't seen in church before (they could be C & E's), from our playgroup. Then it was home for a quick nap before heading out to Auntie Vicki's in Maple Grove for the afternoon.

We had a big lunch and the younger kids did an Easter Egg hunt. Here are some shots of Lucy with the other younger cousins. Got to visit and catch up with family and Lucy conked out on grandma's lap. All in all it was a great Easter day.

Now it's Monday and back to icky post-winter weather and work!

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