Thursday, May 1, 2008


Lucy is sick. She's sad, mommy's sad, and there isn't anything to do but wait a couple days :(

It started almost 2 weeks ago with a runny nose and low grade fever, which I attributed to teething. Then came the slight case of the pink eye and a week of drops. Still a runny nose and every couple days a fever. I figured maybe it's the dreaded molars coming in, I've heard they're bad. Plus the diapers were showing it too. Then this Tuesday afternoon I checked her temp (which I'm going to have to take out a loan and buy the ear thermometer because then I won't feel like I'm torturing my child when I have to do it the "other way") and it was 104. So that's it, I called and set up an appointment with the pediatrician for the morning. Until then she was up all night crabby and hot. She threw up on me, then on Troy, then we took a bath and she pooped in the tub (oh she's going to love reading this when she's older!), just a sad pathetic little girl but we finally got her to bed.

At the doctor's we found out there's been the stomach flu going around but more importantly she's got a double ear infection. Egads, no wonder she's not a happy camper! So we're on Amoxicicillin and Tylenol/Motrin. It did nothing for her yesterday and she was as miserable as ever. With dad being out of town for the night it was a bit stressful on mom. But we made it and hopefully the amoxicicillin is kicking in today and we'll have a better night. It breaks your heart when your kids don't feel good, especially this little, because you can't do much about it and they don't understand what's going on.

We are having a garage sale this Saturday. Hopefully the weather is decent as we have a lot of things to get rid of! Still no action on the house. I am wondering what we can do to just get it sold. With the price of gas so high and food prices going up and the housing market in a slump it's just not a good time. But the commute to Rochester and all the training travel is already taking a toll on us and it's only been a month, so time to speed up this house selling process!

No pictures to post today. If I did, they would be of a sad little rosy-cheeked girl :(


Melody said...

Oh Lucy...I'm so,so sorry you're not feeling well. It's such a tough thing to go through. I'll pray that those meds the doctor gave you will do their job really quickly. Tell your Mommy that I'll be saying a prayer for her, too, and that if she needs anything while Daddy's out of town she can give me a call, OK?? I've dealth with sick little girls AND with Daddy's being out of town for work.

You are in my prayers!

Beth said...

I'm so sorry that you're feeling so punky sweet girl. I hope things are looking up for you this weekend. The sun is shining today (though it is still pretty windy). At least the snow didn't come last night as was predicted.

Hope you all are having a good weekend of rest and recovery.