Monday, December 17, 2007

Boston and Home At Last

After being snowed in (anyone from MN that was there was laughing at the "major snowstorm" that couldn't get us out of Boston) last Thursday, we (my coworker Jefe and I) checked into our hotel and headed down to the hotel restaurant/bar for some drinks and food and a round of bar trivia (we took 2nd place and won some lovely can coozies!). On Friday did some morning shopping for clothing and essentials and then we headed out on the Old Town Trolley Tour, a historical tour of Boston. That was pretty interesting and fun and I learned all about Paul Revere and Sam Adams. We saw some pretty amazing (historically) sites, such as the house Paul Revere lived in, crunched in the midst of downtown Boston, and the actual U.S.S. Constitution. If you've never been to Boston, it's a definite must. It's rich in history and I loved the old buildings and architecture. I would have loved to seen Harvard and walk the grounds, but that would be a warmer weather excursion. And not to mention going whale watching, too. The people of Boston are very friendly and I did not feel scared walking through downtown at night or taking the Subway.

I was able to score us some Celtics tickets off, where season ticket holders sell their seats. This was my first basketball game ever and it was a ton of fun! Almost up there with going to a hockey game as far as fan excitement. We had great seats off the floor, and not only was it fun to see them because, well Celtics/Irish/I'm Irish, but K.G. plays for them now too! Troy was jealous I got to go, but I did bring him back a K.G. shirt.

Up bright and early on Saturday to catch our 8 a.m. flight. I won't comment on a public forum about the other cultural passengers on this flight and their rudeness... Got into MSP at 10:15 and wanted to just rush home to see my daughter. But. We called work, because they contract out to a taxi company to drive people to/from Thomson. Then we waited and waited. After a half hour we called and they had called for a taxi but would let us know what the hold up was. Turns out the taxi company couldn't get any drivers out to pick us up. So after an hour of waiting while other taxis came and went, we got a "regular" taxi and headed back to work, where my car was, dropped Jefe off at his house, went to call Troy and my phone was dead. Now, all of that sounds minor, but after wanting to be home since Thursday, I had a mini meltdown.

But I digress...I got home, my daughter was sleeping, when she awoke from her nap I went in to get her and she just stared at me for the longest time trying to figure me out. But after being home a couple of days, we're back to our routine. There's nothing like home!

For the past few days we have taken many attempts at a Christmas photo so we can send out cards. It's just not working. Troy's head is either chopped off or we took 50 photos of Lucy last night only to not have her smile in any of them. It's getting a bit late in the game, so I'm betting we send out Happy New Year cards instead!

And then my mom called me this morning from Woodwinds Hospital. Immediately I think it's my sister, but I know she's delivering at St. John's. Well it's my step-dad. Long story short, he just got out of gall bladder surgery and should be coming home tomorrow.

Here are a couple of my favorite Lucy expressions during all this Christmas picture-taking time:


Melody said...

Love the pics of Lucy!!! I'm sure she's glad that Mommy is home.

When you get a minute, can you send the pics that Paul took of Hope and Lucy at the restaurant?? I'd love to see them.

Beth said...

Darling photos! I think that Hope is getting that same rocking chair for Christmas this year. :)