Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Wintertime!

The snow has finally fallen and looks like it's here to stay. I need it to get in the holiday spirit. But then it can go away after January (like that'll happen!).

Another weekend gone by too fast. On Thursday night we had our Silpada jewelry open house and it was a huge success! Lots of friends from town and church stopped by as well as Aunt Rox all the way from Eden Prairie and Lori from Apple Valley. Friday night was our high school girlfriends Christmas get-together. Since it was going to be chinese food I attempted to make Shrimp Toast (reminiscent of Leeann Chin's at the Depot days) to bring along (they turned out good!). It was at Emma's house in St. Paul and Emma announced her engagement to Barry. They are getting married someplace warm (I think St. Thomas or some island?) in February and then having a reception back here in May.

Saturday I spent the entire day up at church scrapbooking. I got more pages to "Troy and Lisa's (and now Lucy's) travels" scrapbook and finally made a dent in Lucy's baby book. I did some more scrapping today until I finally ran out of paper, so there's a trip to Archiver's in my future. I still have to start on this year's pages for my grandparent's album (I do about 5 pages each year) but am awaiting some more pictures and stories from the family. Another Lisa from church is a Creative Memories consultant and hosted the scrapbooking event. I saw a new product now on my wish list - the Celebrations pack. I'm a bit overwhelmed with scrapbooking for my daughter. I figure her baby book can be the first year of life in a nutshell. I purchased a Holiday pack (scrapbook, papers, etc) and will be scrapping all of Lucy's Christmases which I thought was a good idea and not too daunting. But when I saw the Celebrations pack I know that now I can scrap all of her birthdays too! Although I love spending time being creative, I also know it's a gift the whole family can enjoy for years to come and can preserve these memories on paper instead of in boxes.

Today our family ushered at the early service. I did the readings and of course didn't proofread beforehand. During the second reading I came across some crazy long word that I apparently eked out without everyone laughing. Oh here it is - licentiousness. What on earth is that? Then we took the family Christmas photo for Paul and Vicky's Christmas cards - here is a preview:

And now it's time for Sunday night shows. I just spoke to Grandma Jeanette and her and Arnie are now in Mission, TX thru March. It's 91 degrees there. As much as I love snow and Christmas, that warm sunny weather sounds kinda nice!

Seasons Greetings!

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