Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Greetings from Boston

Well, I'm here and this is what I'm missing out on:

That is Lucy's 8-month picture from yesterday and I miss her terribly, but will be home tomorrow. This morning she had her pictures taken with Suzanne, so I'll be anxious to see those. And today she's over at Jessica's playing with Ethan and Abigail!

I am in Boston on business and I commented to someone that I wish we worked nights so that we could sightsee during the day. I'd love to see Harvard and take the historical trolley tour around town, but it's dark when we leave the office. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain and sleet here so I'm hoping that doesn't effect our travel plans!

December is flying by fast. Christmas shopping has been completed, I just have some scrapbooking left to do. Our countertops got installed last week so all that we have left is the tile backsplash and it's all done! (well, not the paying for it all part)

This time of year always weighs heavily on me. I long for the days of when I was a kid when the holidays were full of anticipation and Santa Claus and Christmas Eve church. I think it's just part of being an adult. As a kid I didn't realize all that my parents and adult relatives did to make things special. Part of all of this is in the shopping and gift-giving aspect. It shouldn't be difficult to buy for people, but I've really come to realize that we should be celebrating Jesus' birthday right now as well as time with family, that is gift enough. Of course I want future years of Christmases with Lucy to be the excitement of Santa Claus too. I've already talked to my family about it and we are no longer exchanging gifts at Christmas. I think that part of the holiday really belongs to children. Let birthdays be the time we have a special day for each other, give gifts (although not necessary!)

I am reminded of the story of Mary and Martha (Luke chapter something...egads, I know it's New Testament!) where the sisters lived together and Jesus came to visit and Martha spent all her time making the house presentable and making food and preparations, etc and Mary just sat with him and listened. Martha got upset and wanted Jesus to do something about her lazy sister, to which he responded that Mary just sitting him was the best gift. It's a challenge to myself to be more of a Mary than a Martha. What is important is not giving or receiving gifts, it's spending time with those you love and making memories that will last a lifetime. And also, if you really enjoy shopping at the holidays, try adopting a family in need - the gifts you give to them will make both their Christmas and yours a memorable one!

Until next time...