Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm stuck!

If anyone has watched the news, they saw that a great winter storm went over the east coast - Boston. It started snowing 10 minutes (TEN MINUTES) before we loaded the plane. Well they couldn't get the show on the road and us on the runway, so we deiced, and sat, and deiced, and sat, and they closed the airport, and we deiced, and sat, then we moved onto the runway, and sat, deiced again, went back to the gate, deiced and sat and then, four hours later, they cancelled the flight.

So we disembark and the attendant tells us this flight will leave tomorrow (Friday) morning and our tickets can still be used on it, but to call NWA to verify. So we get our bags, I immediately get on the phone to find two rooms at a hotel, all of which are booked, but our agent gets us into the lovely Marriott Copley hotel. Yay! So we head out and there is a line a mile deep to get a taxi. No problem! We know how to use the subway system! So we get to the hotel, baggage in tow, thru the subway system, check in to the hotel, call NWA. Um, the earliest flight I can get you on to MSP is Saturday morning. WHAT?! (now most people would love a day to play hooky, paid for by the company, but I am missing Lucy terribly and now I have to be away from her for 2 extra days???) Fine, we'll take it. So then I get on the phone again with Marriott to see if we can get another night's stay added on. We can. Whew, time for drinks at the hotel sports bar.

And so here we are. What is very lovely about this hotel's attached to a MALL! So now I don't have to worry about walking around in the same old clothing the next two days. And if the roads are cleared off we're going to do the historical trolley tour about town. And hopefully tomorrow will come without incident.

Here is a picture of Lucy from the other night to get me through until I get home. Will she even remember who I am????

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