Thursday, May 8, 2008

All better

The weather has been beautiful this week and so have Lucy's spirits! We've been able to enjoy lots of outdoor time and smiles since the Great Flu and Ear Infection of 2008. Here are some pictures of her in Nana's garden today.
This week included some more traveling for Troy, to Chicago for "some sales thing". Now I could be more interested in what he does for a living and inquire about what happens at these sales things, but the same applies for him and it's not like I'm going to spend my nights telling him about how I coded an .asp report at work today by creating an SQL view... Suffice it to say I think we're getting along just fine not knowing much about each other's mysterious jobs :)
While Troy was in Chicago, Lucy and I had lots of time together to go on walks and to the park and just hanging out. Her personality made a complete turn from the sick girl of last week, she's such a happy little girl. She spent last evening with Grandma and Grandpa Hill and cousin Jamie while I got out to do some clothes shopping in Woodbury.
Tomorrow night is "Girls Night Out" in the town of Northfield where friend Nicole has her now TWO shops (they just opened an expansion store on the other side of the building from Sweet Pea's Loft that sells nostalgic toys and treats!). So Jessica and I are heading out there for some shopping and to see the new shop.
Have a great weekend!

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Beth said...

GREAT TUNE LISA! And also great to read that Lucy is feeling better. She looks so sweet with the flowers there. Have a great weekend in Northfield.