Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Day

We had a nice sunny Sunday for Mother's Day. It started out with mom taking a nice bath and getting served breakfast. Lucy and Troy got me some Crocs sandals and a new spring dress coat. We went to church where our new activity is anything but paying attention to the service. Lucy has no desire to nap or sit on our laps anymore, but instead walk up and down the pew and flirt with the neighbors. Sunday afternoon I went shopping with Jessica to look for a dress for an upcoming wedding. Easier said than done, neither of us found a dress after trying on about 100. I got to drive the new car (we bought a 2009 Toyota Camry on Saturday, Troy's car) shopping. What's cool about it for me is it has an iPod connector in the glove box and then I can manage it from the steering wheel (helloooo technology!).

These are pictures of Lucy and I before church. Note my double chin, do I always look like that?!

Later in the day daddy took Lucy out on the lawn where she walks. She really doesn't like the feel of grass, notice when she plops down the hands are held up delicately because she's not so sure about it. Still not walking on her own and I know she has the skills to do so.

Also yesterday was her 13 month birthday so we attempted some sheep pictures, but she's done with that.

We're doing more signing. She has mastered "more" and "all done" in her own versions (more is hand clapping and all done is hands up in the air. Now that we have Netflix we've been renting some baby sign dvd's too. Practice practice! She loves to read which is great. She could sit there with a hundred books and go thru each one turning the pages and reading them aloud and never get bored.
Troy is very busy with his new job. Lots of shmoozing to be done in the sales field that he didn't expect - various monthly get-togethers with other salesmen in different businesses to network and share business cards for referrals. Tonight he has another one of those kind of gatherings down in Rochester so he will be spending the night down there. I suppose once the business gets established and he gets more customers that kind of hob-nobbing might slow down a bit.
No house showings. We continue to live here as if we're staying here (planting the garden, maintaining the up-keep of the home). I still find things I'd like to do to the house (painting the office, putting down new tiles in the bathroom, etc) but it's like, do you do it knowing you'll be moving anyway? We'll see. Paint and peel-and-stick tiles are not a huge investment so it could still happen. I still have trouble envisioning us in Rochester, but that's just a comfort level. It took me a couple years to truly get used to living in Baldwin from the Cities but it happened!
I hope all you moms had a wonderful mother's day and felt appreciated for all that you are as much as I did!

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Melody said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Lucy's Mommy!!!