Saturday, May 24, 2008

And they call it puppy love - Memorial Wknd 2008

It's only half-way thru this Memorial Weekend but a lot has happened and some cute pictures needed to be uploaded!

On a very windy Friday morning, Lucy and I made our first wagon ride down to the park. She got the wagon from grandma and grandpa Hill for her birthday and it's a pretty sweet ride!

Friday evening brought us to St. Paul to the Town & Country Club for high school girlfriend Emma's wedding reception. She married Barry Travis on the St. Thomas virgin island back in February. It was a beautiful reception. I love getting back to St. Paul and the country club overlooked the river. All the high school girlfriends and their spouses shared a big round table, drank lots of wine and laughed and danced the night away to the Rockin' Hollywoods.
Until 10 o'clock. When the band announced, "does anyone here have a new Toyota in the parking lot?" Yep! Emma's dad walked us out with the manager to see that someone/something had smashed in our rear window. Glass everywhere, nothing stolen. Nothing TO steal. So why? Because it's a new car? Because Troy's jacket was in there and you thought maybe a wallet too? Who knows, but what a hassle! Nothing we could do though so we went back in to enjoy the rest of the evening. Then a very cold ride home!
Today Troy and Vicky worked in the yard, planting all the annuals. I got the porch railings painted and kept Lucy busy. Finally around 1:30 we all crashed for a nice afternoon nap.
The rest of the weekend we'll be working on the master bathroom flooring and house cleaning. It's a gorgeous night out tonight but I'm hearing forecasts of rain, which I guess would be fine if we're going to be working indoors anyway.

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