Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cake Balls

Just going through photos from this summer and I remember I was going to post this super duper easy recipe of putziness and fun-ness with a step-by-step photo montage. I have seen these on various websites and made them for a friend's pre-baby arrival gathering in a girl theme this past July. I have also seen these made with chocolate cake/chocolate frosting and really can be made with any cake/frosting combo you could ever desire. This one was done with strawberry cake and strawberry frosting and dipped in white speckled Wilton's candy coating (love those Joann's 50% off coupons for this sort of thing!). Not only are these great to serve at parties, but also look cute bundled together for gifts or "planted" as a boquet! (No, you don't have to pay me for these ideas.)

Box of cake mix (and ingredients to make cake)
complimenting tub of frosting
lollipop sticks
candy coating
FOAM (VERY important!)
Step 1: Make cake in cake pan as directed. While cake is baking let helper lick the beaters (or yourself if you have no helper...important to NOT let any of this go to waste!)
Step 2: Let cake cool.
Step 3: Crumble all your hard work up into a large bowl as shown below. Now add in half a tub of frosting to that.
Step 4: Mix it all together so it's all a big moist ball of cakey gooness. If still dry, add more frosting. Can never have too much frosting.
Step 5: Roll the cake mixture into 1" balls. I put in fridge to keep them "solid" while I prepped the rest.
Step 6: Melt candy pieces in microwave per instructions on the package. Set up your station: foam pieces (to stick the pops in while they harden), lollipop sticks, melted dip, cake balls.
Step 7: IMPORTANT - dip the end of the lollipop stick into candy coating before putting a cake ball on it. This helps the ball stay on the stick while you dip it. I actually put them in the fridge for a couple minutes so this would harden.
Step 8: Take your cake ball-on-a-stick and dunk it in the candy coating. Put other end of stick in foam. Put thes in the fridge or freezer to completely solidify.
Step 9: If desired, melt another color of coating and drizzle it over the pops for super craftyness.
Enjoy! I would recommend keeping these refrigerated until you are able to enjoy them. I dare you to eat just one!

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