Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 2 - Making your home a haven

The candle has been burning when I remember to light it at home, right in our kitchen. We picked up an awesome soy candle while on our anniversary trip to the North Shore last weekend. (Yes I know I do make soy candles but as I can attest to anyone, I do not like to make my own crafts but only craft for others!) The scent is "Autumn Pear" and I love it. So the purpose of the Women Living Well fall challenge, week one, was to say a prayer for peace on your home every time you looked at the candle. I think I did accomplish that once or twice. There were other prayers said such as "God, make Max stop pulling everyone's hair." and "Dear Jesus, I wish these two kids would take a nap already."

This week's part of the challenge is to have soft music playing in the background of your house. Seriously the only "soft" music we have would be in the form of Christmas instrumentals. Lucy is going through a Michael Jackson phase and that's just not going to bring a sense of calmness on our house this week, so I better go dig out the Perry Como...

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Together in Love said...

Oh my head...been there with those prayers!!! LOL Good luck with the calming music and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!