Monday, October 18, 2010

Zoo Boo 2010

Last night we went to Zoo Boo at Como Zoo in St. Paul with all the kids. It was a good time, nice weather, and it was very organized to get us through without any pile ups!

This is Max, looking thrilled with his costume!

Trick or Treat!
Doing a "witchy" face. That's what the girls are, witches, but the hats are not child friendly. Must figure this out before next weekend.
Ain't that the truth...

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Beth said...

Adorable! We're thinking of going tomorrow night. Did the kids have fun? Was it crowded at all? How was your weekend? Good seats?

(Sorry for all the questions. :) I kept my eyes open looking for you. We were in the second row on the floor thanks to the volunteer seats. There were some incredible moments this year.)