Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another month gone by

It's November 11th. Some may think of today as the day the Packers creamed the Vikings, but instead, it's Lucy's 7-month birthday! And that means pictures with the sheep!

We spent the afternoon celebrating Uncle Keith's 50th birthday and watching a sad sad football game!

Progress on the house continues to creep along, will it ever be done? Troy and I agree, we will never build a house together, it's just too stressful all those options and all that construction, ish!

This weekend flew by too quickly, as they always do. Yesterday after Bible Study, and after Lucy took a long morning nap, we went and picked up Grandma Val and hit some holiday boutiques. Troy got our outdoor CHRISTMAS lights put up (enough of that "Holiday" business, I know what we celebrate at our home!) and Vicky arranged spruce tips in our pots to liven up the front door. Now all we need is snow!

Next weekend the Baldwin girls are going to see The Lion King in Minneapolis on Saturday, and then on Sunday I am hosting my sister's baby shower. Lots to do this week!

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Melody said...

Oh I just love Lucy's pictures!! Such a happy little girl...and a happy Mommy, too:)

Have fun at the Lion King. Let me know how it is. It looks fabulous.

Snow?? I think I'm the only person in Wisconsin that doesn't like snow. But I guess it does look better than the brown "grass" we have now.