Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Here are some pictures from Halloween of our Happy Pumpkin!

And here she is with the "Great Pumpkin"!
We drove around to a few friends' homes in town to Trick-or-Treat and took pictures at each stop.

Why has it been so long to blog? Well, for starters I couldn't figure out how to get our pictures to upload to the computer, but all Troy had to do was plug in something, duh. And then there's the continuation of "construction" at our home, but major progress has occurred! Our flooring is complete, the smell is nearly gone, Troy finished putting up quarter-round trim along the baseboards and I am in progress of painting the beadboard fronts we have put on our island and cabinet sides. The countertops should be here next week and it's all coming together! What's left? Slate tile surround on the fireplace, tile trim around the countertops, and fixing the "dings" in the walls with putty and paint. This morning Lucy and I are meeting Lori, our interior designer helper, to finish buying window treatments and get quotes on some rugs (she works for the flooring company that did our hardwood floors and they also sell carpet that they can custom-make rugs). So that's what's going on at the home front.
What else has been going on? Last weekend Troy went deer hunting in MN and got a 9-point buck that he's going to mount, pictures coming soon. My mom came out on Saturday and we toured Western WI looking for craft shows, made our first trip to the Cady Cheese store, and went to a spaghetti dinner benefit in town.
Hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather we're having - this is my favorite time of year!

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Melody said...

I love Lucy's costume!! So cute. I wish we lived in town so she could have come to our house!

The house sounds fabulous. I hope you'll post pics when it's all done.