Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's not worth it

If you're a commuter like I am, you've probably sped a little bit to get to/from work (why am I in such a hurry to get to work?). Or perhaps you've got a screaming child in the carseat in the back getting on your nerves causing you to speed up a bit more to get home. Or you've witnessed someone tailgating you or weaving in and out of traffic at crazy speeds. The next time you're in your car, think of this:

I've been writing about all the home renovations we've been doing, much to the assistance of our interior designer, Lori. She stopped over tonight to drop off some pillows and said she was just driving back from putting a cross in a ditch. That is her son in the article. It was a total shock to us to hear about it as we've gotten to know her the past few months. She is happy she had 15 years with him but upset and angry that this could have been prevented. Thank God she has faith, she's really going to need it.

Will this make me slow down on my commute now? I hope so. But there will still be morons on the road who have to get places that are much more important than ours who will still ride our tails or cut us off and put on thier brakes. I have to remember that I have a family to take care of and be conscientious of other drivers who have families as well.

Buckle up and drive carefully!

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Melody said...

Oh man, Lisa!! I knew about this story because my niece was in a few of Luke's classes. She's been going to school with him since 6th grade. She's pretty shaken up about the whole thing. Thanks for the reminder!

See you on Saturday!